Sometimes bird are birdds. Sometimes birds not bird but cat

In which websites are made

There seem to be several important things a self-publishing author needs to focus on:

1) Editing

It is absolutely necessary to spend the money on hiring an editor because sometimes you don’t word so good and think stuff without all the right punctuatiation and speeling.

2) Cover

Hire someone professional. I did. Her name is Maddison Barut, and she is fabulous.

3) Website

Okay, so I hate to admit it, but I do sort of want this book to do well. Too many people have mocked me for too long about the carpal tunnel and the notebooks and the what-have-you. Self-publishing is all about the ability to market yourself. I can do that. I’m vaguely offensive roughly 67% of the time, but not too cocky to avoid apologies. I also am a Communications Major which may or may not assist in my ability to, y’know, communicate about stuff and things.

Because it really comes down to all the stuff n’ things.

Ergo, the leap was made, the domain name purchased. The ‘Hey, ya’ll! Look at me! I’m going to success’ was made on Facebook. Plus, WordPress is insanely easy to work with. That’s a big help. So my apologies for those of you that receive many notifications about this. It Is necessary for my World-Dominating success, or something.

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