In Which Chapter 22 is Totally Bonkers

“Your sister begged for her life.”

I’m excited to say that instead of doing school work (sorry, Professors) I spent the last two days catching up on some must-needed editing. I had only given Chapter 21 a brief looking over before I sent it to my critique partners, and I definitely paid for it yesterday. Sometimes it just takes a day or two to get back into the groove of things. Now, however, I have school again, and must focus my attention.

Tomorrow I meet with a professor and try to make a case for presenting my portfoilo of inspiration for The Code Series (Including images, songs, my education and other novels) as a final project for my class. Ideally, the project should focus on our future career within a community. I’m finding it difficult to make a case for that as writing is most certainly something for me (otherwise I would probably be plying agents with liquor and warm pastries in an effort to make them love me.) And because it is only for me, I don’t think it qualifies. On the other hand, I also can’t pinpoint and particular projects I’ve completed in my degree that say “This is what I learned and this is how it relates to my future career in X, Y and Z.”

Writing is something very natural feeling for me, and while I know a lot of my fellow wannabe’s focus their time on crafting the perfect sentence, I find that along with perfection of the craft there also must be a natural, conversational-like tone in things like blog posts. I suppose in some ways my (future) degree has brought this to my intention. There are those that strive for perfection, there are those who spit words on a page, and then there are those of us in between who thing a missing capitalized letter is not the end of the world. In a blog that is. In an actual novel a missing capital letter can spell ‘disaster’ or ‘DISASTER’ or even ‘isaster’.  Go figure, am I right?

Yeah, hah, yeah I am.

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