Guest Blog: Ear Worms–Eating Brains, Pooping Ideas

Crackin' The WIP

Keith M. is on vacation, so Kathleen Sawisky has graciously agreed to fill in for him.  Keith will return next week.

Guest Blog by Kathleen Sawisky

care-bear-stare1 Even these little guys can’t save you from the ear worm

Sometimes I get ear worms. You know, the same way you get a song stuck in your head and the only solution is to sing the Care Bear Countdown and hope for the best? I get worms that always seem to relate back to writing. Big, squirming, slurpy ear worms that whisper what if and maybe into the portion of my brain partitioned off for everything related to The Code (also right next to the section where I keep girly drink recipes.) Worms, I tell you, they’re impossible to get rid of once they’re in your head. There is no cure save for tugging that worm out of your ear and planting it…

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