That Time of Year: Extra Life 2014

Apart from my desperate pleas to the Alberta Government for financial aid in order to afford medication, I only ever ask for money during one time of the year: Extra Life. For those of you not in the know., Extra Life is a 24 hour video game marathon that takes place every year in support of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. October 25th, 2014 will be my 3rd year taking part for the Alberta Children’s Hospital, and I couldn’t feel less guilty about trying to pry loose change from your pockets.

When I was 13 I had my first spinal surgery (feel free to skip down some paragraphs if this is old news to you). My spine fused from T1 to L4 under the careful direction of Dr. Harder at the old Alberta Children’s Hospital. For the last two years I have been living 15 minutes from the old brick building; it’s been a bit surreal. I ultimately had three surgeries at that old hospital, plus one more at the New ACH before I ‘graduated’ and was told that not all the poop jokes in the world would convince them I was still a child.

Nonetheless, the impact of the services I received at ACH have had a tremendous impact on my life. Every day I am grateful that I received, not only amazing care, but was given the opportunity to be treated by various doctors and nurses whose primary goal was to create effective family-orientated care. They succeed. They succeeded 100%. The fact that I want to dedicate all my free-time towards supporting this marvelous institution is proof of it.

So, once again, I will be gaming for 24 hours and raising money for ACH. My goal is to surpass $1000 this year (and earn myself that shiny, shiny gold medal!). Every penny counts. I mean, it would, if we still have pennies. How surreal is that? If I ever have kids, they will never know the glory of the coppery penny scent that attaches itself to your fingers. The times, they are a changin’.

You can view my donation page here!

But donating to me isn’t the only way to help! Are you a gamer? Do you nerd out at the sound of Jennifer Hale’s voice? (I do.) Join Extra Life, play for a local hospital, or even ACH! You can spread the 24 hours out, if you feel like you can’t do it. You can play boardgames or card games or tag or Sudoku. You can raise a gajillion dollars, or ten. Every bit helps these hospitals treat kids, from appendix removals or cancer treatment. We are incredibly fortunate to have access to these resources, and by supporting Extra Life we can ensure that these hospitals are able to continue helping our kids.

Give. Give, give, give. During the next few weeks I will be creating some more donor rewards, as well as offering a few opportunities where I will match donations! And I’m a student! I’m poor. But I’ll find a way, and you should too!

Guilt, guilt, guilt.

Here’s my spine.


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