The Pizza that Saved the World

My friend Shawna and I have decided to indulge our incessant eating by starting a Culinary Review blog. Because we don’t have anything else to do with our time. This is my first installment.

The Swanke Culinary Review

Oh my god, what did I just put in my mouth. I’ve done it, Shawna. I’ve found the best cheap pizza in the city. It is delicious and it is found in a holy place called Ripe Tomato Pizza. The hubby picked me up from 69th Street Station and we went for lunch in West Springs where this little novelty of a shop is located (although a quick Google search says there is also one on Stephen Ave. Do I hear a pizza date coming up?)

They’ve got one of those glorious wood stove, pizza oven, circular rotating extravaganza ovens which cooks your pizza to what I can only describe as the consistency of angel flesh. I’m assuming if angel’s had flesh it would be crunchy on the outside and somewhat soft on the inside but also flat. Flat angel flesh.

I ordered a 9″ ham and arugula, which comes…

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