Guest Blog: Book Series – Not as Bad as Keith Thinks

I did another guest blog for CtW. Poor Keith!

Crackin' The WIP

Amber P. is off studying her brains out.  Kathleen Sawisky has graciously agreed to fill in.  Enjoy!

Book Series: Not as Bad as Keith Thinks
by Kathleen Sawisky

Keith M. and I sometimes harass each other about book series. He’s not a fan of them, probably because he is a poop head (Full disclaimer: he is not a poop head and gives me excellent beer suggestions.) I, on the other hand, am a dedicated series writer. Seriesist? Seriest? Serial – – wait, no. Never mind.  I’ve been working on The Code since I was a young teen, looking for a way to deal with the angst of my childhood and process my parents divorce and my own medical disabilities. I started writing because it simply made sense to me, and when I finished my first ‘book’ (if you can even call it that) at the age of thirteen I realized…

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