Guest Blog: On Death and Grandma

I was asked to jump in over at Crackin the WIP again today. Here’s a little taste of thoughts to come.

Crackin' The WIP

L. Graham is out this week, so our oft-time guest blogger Kathleen Sawisky has agreed to fill in.  Enjoy!

On Death and Grandma
by Kathleen Sawisky

I’m going to take the opportunity to be a bit morbid here. You see, my 88 year old grandma fell and broke her hip this last week, and it led to a rather honest conversation between my mum and I about death. My mum, being ever pragmatic, reminded me that Grams ain’t afraid of shit, let alone death, and if this is the straw that breaks that metaphorical camel’s back, so be it. I agree, simply because yeah, death. I mean, unless your grey matter is going to get cryogenically frozen, the big sleep is usually the end of the line for all of us (religious beliefs notwithstanding.)

But that got me thinking about how we portray death in our writing. Thriller/Suspense usually lends…

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