180 Thousand Words

I haven’t blogged for myself lately, but dammit, I won’t let CTW down!

Crackin' The WIP

By Kathleen Sawisky, esq.

This will be a short post this week because I am now employed and, thusly, no longer have any time for myself.

Every time I start a new job I enter a phase wherein I must learn how to balance work and private life. It is a precarious act and one that always takes me a few weeks to fall into. Usually I start to feel forlorn about something. I miss friends, I miss writing, I can’t remember what my husband looks like. The usual. This time it was something a bit different. A number.

128,766. That’s the number of works currently in my WIP. I hesitate calling it a WIP because it really is a full-fledged manuscript now. It just needs trimming. A… lot of trimming.

Because I’m self-publishing, the number isn’t as vital as it might be if I had an agent or a…

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