Thoughts on a Train

This train smells like burning rubber.

The kids sitting across from me is vaping, but he also sort of looks like he did that weird lip enhancement challenge.

That is either strawberry ice cream or blood and semen dried on his pants. I’m not sure which is more disconcerting.

The Christian Science poster featuring a giraffe suggests that one ought to gain a new perspective, but I have seen giraffes before so I don’t see what else I could possibly learn.

I take it back. Strawberry semen kid might actually be building a bomb, except a bomb probably has less components.

Oh yeah, breathe in the formaldehyde, buddy. Just like the pharoahs.

If my god that woman has unicorn silhouettes on her sweater. That is amazing. I want that sweater. Would it be rude to ask where she got it? I don’t want to seem facetious.

It’s probably indicative of my personality that my first concern about speaking to strangers is “will they think I’m being facetious?”

Why are all these people going to the mall? It’s not even open yet. I know because I practically live there now. Go home to your families!

I’m pretty sure the Irish Descendants song “Rollin Home” is about a womanizer getting as much ass as he can before he settles down.  This redefines my childhood.

I really want potaoes for dinner. Is that weird seeing as how I was just talking about the Irish Descendants?

The managers are going to give me a dirty look if I don’t sell more super soft throws today.

Oh my god that vape smells like fruit. Strawberry ice cream confirmed.

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