Thoughts on a Train Part 2

People with long necks wearing collarless shirt sort of look like really casual giraffes.

Instead of going to work I could be playing Fallout New Vegas. But then how would I afford Fallout 4 when it comes out?

20 days until the new John Connolly book comes out. If we don’t get it in I might just be obligated to quit.

Casual giraffe in front of me is also wearing Beats, which sort of stick out from his ears. Legit think real giraffes could only wear earbuds.

I wonder what the cheapest, most caloric heavy drink is at Starbucks. I forgot to eat breakfast, but I won’t have time to hit up the foodcourt.

Oh god I’ve become a mall person again.

Shawnessy ought to be pronounced “Shawn, a hussy”, for both mine and the amusement of others.

I wish Ewan McGregor had more excuses to sing like in Moulin Rouge.

Whatever happened to Nelly Furtado?

This train is abnormally clean. I’m not saying I would roll on the floor or anything, but if I was sporting an open sore I wouldn’t fear for my life.

I really need to learn Japanese again. I only have a year to get a solid grasp on it before we go on our trip. So desu ne? Hai, so desu. Also, gogo, this afternoon.

People on trains look so unhappy. Maybe they are more aware of their fragile mortality in trains, given that they are speeding along thin metal tracks at excessive speeds and not buckled in to anything.

Do giraffes ever get depressed?

People worry about the environment but we shouldn’t. The environment will survive; the earth will reclaim itself eventually. No one wants to admit that what we are scared about is the destruction of humanity; that all we’ve accomplished over the course of the thousands of years will cease to be remembered. We aren’t scared for the earth, we’re scared for our own legacy.

Why do they call this Heritage Station? Was it some important site? Was this station built on some graveyard?

Next stop is mine. Maybe if I get a Starbucks drink with whipped cream. That is basically whipped fat.

Yesterday at work there were two women, one very old, the other with an old heart. They were dressed all in black with furs and feathers, like crows that had weathered a storm. The old woman was crying.

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