Thoughts On a Train Part 3

Can balloons ever be inconspicuous?

I sort of thought there would be more creepers on the train this late at night. Pleasantly surprised.

Those Bellinis were delicious.

People who take the train at night do grand calculations to ensure they sit ad far away from each other as possible.

I need to pee again. Damn Bellini.

How did Humpty’s get its name? Who read that old nursery rhyme and thought “Hey, that would make an awesome name for a Denny’s ripoff.”?

Why don’t leather boots and shoes come pre-treated with some sort of magical leather solution? I know you just want to sell me more stuff but couldn’t you do me the favor of treating it at least a little bit?

Is that guy high or just looking for his next fix? Why is he so jittery? Maybe he hates trains just like our GM hates Beyonce.

Why do I suddenly only have Hawksley Workman songs on my phone? Not that I’m complaining. I’m just confused as to why suddenly only his music is available.

I hope the bus will still be there when I get to the station. How late do the buses run? I should check.

Ha! They’re only running every half-hour. Fuck it, I’ll walk home.

God damn John Connolly is such an amazing author. How does he do it? How can I be amazing like that? Do I have to sacrifice my first born or make a deal with Beelzebub or what?

There is a man on the train who has pants which are also  a skyline and they are amazeballs.

Heh. Balls.

I really do have to pee. This is ridiculous.

If I were a balloon l, I would be red with gold stars.

Tomorrow I get to write all day. I am very excited for this.

The gentleman next to me smells a bit like pickles, but extra sour.

The gentleman across from me looks like he was rejected from the cast of Goodfellows.

It’s so dark out. I wonder if I will see.any wildlife on the walk home. I will pop a balloon to scare them away if need be.

Next stop is Fishcreek Lacombe station. There is nothing funny about it in the slightest.

Streetlamps are just humanity’s way to make up for the lack of fireflies. How deep. It’s like I’m a teenager again.

What do ghosts do in their spare time? Do they spend all day haunting shit or do they have ghosy hobbies like ghost baseball of ghost knitting?

If I were a spider I would live on a farm. Probably in a barn. I would be a farm-barn-spider. A Farnder. I would also be deadly.

I hope the guy who swore at me at work today is annoyed that I told him not to be rude.

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