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The Code: Between Fire and Pines

My New Year Resolution, apart from not being such a big baby when it comes to chronic, debilitating pain, is to finally get off my ass and get The Code published. In the first week of the new year I found an editor and got a quote. $1575, and a 6 to 8 week turn around time. I made contact with my fabulous artist again, and set my plan into motion.

Because I am trudging away at paying my student loans and my credit card, and because I can’t rightly expect my husband to pay for all the bills, I estimated that it would take two months before I could even afford the deposit of $700 for editing services. It was far too long.

I’ve always been amazed by the generosity of strangers, and it struck me that my best option to speed up the process might be to start a campaign to help pay for all that is required. Enter GoFundMe.

In four days I’ve already been able to raise $315 thanks to dear friends and family who have patiently put up with my dreams of writing over the years. Today I turn to you, lovely readers.

I’m hoping to raise $1800 to cover the remaining costs of hiring Maddison Barut on again to do the art for tee-shirts and postcards that will be offered as rewards for contributions. She is so talented, and the cover she created for The Code gives me chills every time I see it.

My editor is out of town, back next week. By then I hope to have the $700 deposit ready for her. Any small contribution would help! If you donate $35 you get a tee-shirt! $40 gets you a signed copy of the book! A friend donated $100, so I’m pretty sure I owe her a kidney.

If you’d like to help out, please visit the GoFundMe page here. I won’t be too annoying about it, but you can expect to see a few more writing related posts in the next little while (and hopefully less My life is awful please make the pain stop.)

If you can’t afford to donate, or don’t care enough to donate but do care just enough to talk about it, please consider sharing this with your friends and family online and in the terrible place known as The Real World.

Also, Keith doesn’t want anyone to see this picture. Here it is.

Keith and Parrot Lovin'
Suck it, Keith. Oh wait, you already did.

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