Canada! Win a Signed Copy of Between Fire and Pines

You heard me right, fellow Canadians! You can win a signed copy of Between Fire and Pines! Why only Canadians? I’m always doing Amazon giveaways, but alas they only apply to US residents (because of course they do.)


Well the joke is on them. Their copies will never be signed! Actually I guess they could theoretically be some day if that winner hunted me down or something.

Where was I? Oh yes! Win a signed copy of Between Fire and Pines and get into the long-term saga of Natalia Artison before book 2, The Skeletal Bird, is released (probably in June, maybe earlier! Who knows! I am the master of my own destiny with this self-publishing gig!)

In order to be entered to win you simply have to tag me on Twitter, or comment at the bottom of this post with your favorite book of all time! I need something new to read, so this is me getting two birds with one very subtle stone!

So find me on Twitter,  @KathleenSawisky, and let me know what your favorite book is! Throw in the hashtag “#BetweenFireAndPines” for good measure! The contest will be open for a week and the winner will be announced next Monday at Noon, MST!

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