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Chronic Pain Diaries “The Luckiest”

I'm lucky, I'm lucky, I'm lucky. It's a mantra that I force myself to live by. I am lucky. I am well-adjusted. I'm okay. I repeat it every day religiously because if I don't, if I miss a moment of it, I run the risk of revolving into something heinous. It's a something that is… Continue reading Chronic Pain Diaries “The Luckiest”

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Extra Life 2016

It's that time of year folks. Extra Life 2016 is almost upon us; 14 days and counting. Somewhere, in my brilliance, I thought I could make a $2000 goal. That was silly. I am silly. As it stands I am currently at $410 plus some change donated by my lovely coworkers. Not bad given that… Continue reading Extra Life 2016

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An Open Letter to Hawksley Workman

When I turned 21 I decided I would make an attempt to write a letter to each person of note that had a substantial impact on my life through their contributions to the entertainment and media world.I did not accomplish this. I had the best intention, honest. I was going to write to Stephen Colbert… Continue reading An Open Letter to Hawksley Workman