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Extra Life 2017 – Fundraising

This Saturday, November 4th, 2017, I will be buckling down for another 24 hours of gaming misadventures, all for the Alberta Children's Hospital. I could give you the same schpeel I do every year; this was my home away from home, where I had 4 of my 5 spinal surgeries, where a pseudo-father figure surgeon… Continue reading Extra Life 2017 – Fundraising

Extra Life, Fundraising

Extra Life 2015 or ‘Dammit, Cheryl!’

I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t ready for Extra Life this year. This would be my fourth year doing the annual 24 hour video game marathon, and I had originally given myself a goal of $1500 in an effort to top what I did last year. But things happen. Life gets in the… Continue reading Extra Life 2015 or ‘Dammit, Cheryl!’

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All Hail the Mighty Soapbox

This is my soapbox. That’s why I write open letters wherein I complain to people, places, things. Basically any noun that really grinds my gears. On very few occasions have I ever found myself so truly enraged by something that I felt the need to take it to the streets. Nope, the good ol’ written… Continue reading All Hail the Mighty Soapbox

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An Open Letter to Gearbox Software: “The Pros of Hiring Me, Kathleen Sawisky”

Dear Gearbox Software, Okay, so my plan to be the next host of CBC’s Q doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I can’t fault them for that, really. I have zero experience with the radio, except that one time that I was on CBC’s Eye Opener with David Gray where he interviewed me about Gamergate.… Continue reading An Open Letter to Gearbox Software: “The Pros of Hiring Me, Kathleen Sawisky”


On Video Game Harassment and Dum-Dums

These things I know to be true: Online harassment in video game communities exist. Critics of the culture of harassment have received some really, really disturbing threats that have made them fear for their lives, quit the gaming industry, as well as a variety of other actions. I don't know Zoe Quinn and I don't… Continue reading On Video Game Harassment and Dum-Dums