Sometimes cat is cat. Other times cat is not cat.

Kathleen Sawisky learned about Communications in University, tends to plants, plays video games, and is usually fairly sarcastic. Her debut novel, Between Fire and Pines, is the first in The Code Series, which follows sarcastic and spry Natalia Artison as she finds herself unexpectedly embedded in the world of a secretive special forces agency.

In her copious amounts of spare time Kathleen writes satirical essays and open letters to praise, or shame, individuals and corporations. She frequently writes about her misadventures and struggles with chronic pain. If she had one goal in life it would be to write for the Colbert Report, but that is over, so she has decided to learn how to juggle things which are on fire instead.

Kathleen currently resides in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, Alex, their two cats, and their one dog.

You can contact her via a carrier pigeon or send her a message here!