Book Two: The Skeletal Bird

Three months after the Siege on Alcatraz that almost took her life, Natalia Artison returns to New York to confront the evil that has relentlessly pursued her since the death of her parents’DHdCUwiU0AAVH37. With her reluctant new guardian in tow, Natalia finds that her parents legacy, one steeped in blood, is endangering both her and everyone she holds dear.

As enemies begin to converge on her, Natalia struggles to manage her survivor’s guilt and find her place in the world of the Special Operations Initiative. When all hell breaks loose, Natalia finds herself alone. She must push fear and insecurities aside and rally to prove to all those who doubt her that she will not be broken.

Natalia Artison is no victim.

Not then.  Not now.



The Skeletal Bird, The Code Book 2, is scheduled to be released August 28th, 2017. Or whenever I get off my ass.