Guest Blog: Let’s Call it ‘Research’

I was asked unexpectedly to contribute to the amazing blog of my fellow Critique Circle writers! Here are the random thoughts I came up with.

Crackin' The WIP

Ordinarily, I post on Fridays.  But I wanted to introduce you all to a fellow writer from Critique Circle.  She has some interesting things to say about researching  a WIP. Take it away, Kathleen!   –D.M. Gutierrez

Let’s Call it ‘Research’

Guest Blog by Kathleen Sawisky

It can be easy to get distracted. Oh, I like this song!Hey, is that a popcorn kernel stuck in my teeth? Wow, when did I start growing hair there? But sometimes in the journey to creating a novel we become distracted by good things, and sometimes we call these things ‘research’.

I’ll admit, when I started my WIP I didn’t intend to spend so much time reading up about Alcatraz prison, its history, or even its architecture. But somewhere between the thought of “Wow, this would be cool to integrate” and “Hooray, I have finally integrated it” I entered the realm of obsessive…

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