In Which a Grievous Error is Made

My Little sister is the best. She is a bit like a mini-me only she loves math and will probably be Prime Minister some day. It makes sense that she would be influenced by her elder sibling’s love of video games, so when she texted me a month or so ago asking if she should get a PS3 or an Xbox I jumped on the opportunity to educate her.

She ultimately got a PS3 for Christmas (good. I basically told her that she needed it in order to play Final Fantasy VII, which is integral in one’s gaming theory.) I had the best intentions to send her FFVII as a gift, assuming I could send an online copy via the PS Store as a gift (you can’t, thanks, Playstation.) Never mind, I thought to myself, I’ll get her something that I’ve loved over the years. I will force the things I have enjoyed on her!