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The Magical World of Commerce

I wouldn't say I'm burnt out by writing; far from it. If anything, I have more drive than ever to get back into book 2 since I completely redid the entire damn plot.¬†The problem is I have other responsibilities. I have work, book club, cleaning the house, taking care of the pets, laundry, beta reading,… Continue reading The Magical World of Commerce

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The Wicked Earworms: Part Deux

So, ha-ha, funny story. Ha, oh boy. Remember... hahah, remember how I finished the draft of Book 2 and it was like,¬†Woaaa, draft done in record time! Hooray! I may have been jumping the gun a tiny bit on that. Not that I was displeased with how Book 2 worked out. It followed my previously… Continue reading The Wicked Earworms: Part Deux