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An Open Letter to Doritos- “But is it yogurt flavored?”

Dear Doritos, I imagine right about now you are asking yourselves what happened. Why has your glorious decision of soft-ish chips, directed towards the females of the planet, been targeted by trollish harassment and mockery since its announcement. Somewhere, I imagine there is an R&D specialist who is gazing woefully at the trending hashtags of… Continue reading An Open Letter to Doritos- “But is it yogurt flavored?”

Photo by Nancy Wong, 1977
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Let’s Talk About Cults

Or more, let me introduce you to my new favorite obsession. Three years ago it was biker gangs, last year it was viruses. This year is the year of cults, and I am so giddy that my astral cocoon is fit to burst! I've been busy working on Book 3 (reminder, you can buy books… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Cults

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She was built of fractals that continued to break down, leaving behind smaller halves of the same person. Several days ago I finished the second draft of Book 2 of┬áThe Code Series. It was a little surreal. I've spoken before about earworms, and how some idea can get nestled down into your skull and refuse… Continue reading Fractals