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Pigeons of Paris

Paris has many pigeons. Grey, speckled, white, a microcosm of pigeon culture, all with the same beady red eyes, watching, waiting. And, oh yes, they are all tremendously fat. I'm not talking about your average run of the mill fat pigeon. I'm talking about full on boisterous, carnivorous birds that spend their days bathing in… Continue reading Pigeons of Paris

Random, Satire

The Honeymoon Letter Series: #1

I'm away on my honeymoon! Yay me and also my new husband! In true form, however, the comedy has already begun. You can read some of my other open letters here, here, aaaand here. Dear Guy Sitting in Seat 22D on the Flight to Chichago, Listen, I get it. We’re both stuck in this whirling metal… Continue reading The Honeymoon Letter Series: #1