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Win a Copy of ‘Between Fire and Pines’!

With the release date for Between Fire and Pines nearly hear (28 days, oh my god, I'm going to puke) I figured I ought to do, you know, a contest or something. Would you like to win a copy of my debut novel? Maybe? Maybe not. Who knows! It might be trash! But free things are… Continue reading Win a Copy of ‘Between Fire and Pines’!

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The Code: Between Fire and Pines

My New Year Resolution, apart from not being such a big baby when it comes to chronic, debilitating pain, is to finally get off my ass and get The Code published. In the first week of the new year I found an editor and got a quote. $1575, and a 6 to 8 week turn… Continue reading The Code: Between Fire and Pines

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Chronic Pain Diaries: That Old Waiting Game

On Friday I have my appointment with the good doctor to get my spine poked and prodded. First time in nearly two years. I didn't make the connection before, but since I've made an attempt to be more, shall we say, self-aware, about what my body is doing and trying to tell me (insert witticism… Continue reading Chronic Pain Diaries: That Old Waiting Game

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The Happiest Mole

When you grow up in a family where mole skin pigmentation are aggressive and common, elementary school health classes can often be, let's say, intimidating. Because, like all things health-related during that age range, there is less focus on everyone having a different type of body, and more emphasis on basic health standards. Dirt isn't always… Continue reading The Happiest Mole

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Extra Life 2015 – A Week Late

Last week was the official Game Day for Extra Life 2015. Unfortunately I couldn't partake as I was busy screaming at children and their parents. Now, you might be saying to yourself "Tell us something about you that we don't know, Kathleen." If I am to be honest, I was paid to scream at them. I… Continue reading Extra Life 2015 – A Week Late

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Walk to Fight Irony!

I like a lot things in life. I like bunnies, cupcakes, kitty cats, the word 'snorkel', banana bread (with or without walnuts), lime flavoured things, and Final Fantasy VII. I do not like my arthritis. It is degenerative, which I am told is a bad thing. Ergo, I dislike it even more. I don't like… Continue reading Walk to Fight Irony!

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All Hail the Mighty Soapbox

This is my soapbox. That’s why I write open letters wherein I complain to people, places, things. Basically any noun that really grinds my gears. On very few occasions have I ever found myself so truly enraged by something that I felt the need to take it to the streets. Nope, the good ol’ written… Continue reading All Hail the Mighty Soapbox

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The Languid Tale of Tina Louanne Sparkles

The Languid Tale of Tina Louanne Sparkles There comes a moment when every person has to serve his or her country. Sometimes you are hired as an elected official, sometimes you join the military, and sometimes you waste the time of a person you presume might be trying to get your passport for illicit purposes.… Continue reading The Languid Tale of Tina Louanne Sparkles